Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ancient Armies - The Upcoming Ancient Warfare Simulator

 It will be the most advanced simulation of Ancient Warfare created to date. 

"Ancient Armies" is a one man project currently developed by Rob Pollard, his goal is to create the most advanced simulation of ancient warfare possible.
The game will simulate things like cohesion, fatigue, Command-And-Control, Line-Of-Sight, detailed formations and manoeuvres !

The Bloody Nose - An Introduction To Panzer Campaigns (Part Three)

 This is a continuation of the AAR that i started here.

Lets get the Panzers rollin' again !

Please Note:
I decided to use a different style for the AAR, i hope you like it.
Also, i continued to modify the game artwork because i wanted overall more contrast. So dont get confused if things look slightly different.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Hardcore Wargame On Kickstarter - Why The Campaign Will Fail

Ever heard of a wargame called "Combat Operations" developed by Matt McCoppin ?
No ?
Well, take a look here:
 Kickstarter campaign
 Exclusive preview

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Bloody Nose - An Introduction To Panzer Campaigns (Part Two)

 This is a continuation of the AAR that i started here.

Time to assault Lierneux !
Ultimately this village is one of my objectives in this scenario and worth 50 Victory Points.
I commit both Schützen Bn's (mot) and the MG coy (mot) to the assault. The defenders, a belgian cavalry coy, are already disrupted and isolated.
To my disadvantage one Schützen Bn and the MG coy have to assault across a stream respectively across a bridge. Nevertheless, after a short firefight the defenders, 74 men, surrender. My units suffered only two casualties during the assault and immediately move south towards Fraiture [1].
Meanwhile one of my engineer coy's begins with the removal of the roadblock west of Regne [2] and my field howitzers move westward [3] to be able to support my attack on the crossroads.

German forces just seized Lierneux

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Bloody Nose - An Introduction To Panzer Campaigns (Part One)

Lets play some "Panzer Campaigns - France '40" !
This should serve as a introduction into the system for people not familiar with the John Tiller games.
I play a 8 turn scenario called "The Bloody Nose" which acts as a tutorial scenario.
Im a beginner myself, not a veteran player. Please keep that in mind and comment if you spot mistakes !
 Chabrehez, Belgium, 10th May 1940: The waiting had finally come to an end and once again the panzers were moving. As they rushed through the Ardennes in the early hours, lead elements of Rommels 7th Panzer Division swept away barricades and obstructions hastily prepared by the retreating Belgians. However, later in the morning a short distance from there days goal, lead elements ran into stiff opposition as the Belgian 3rd Chasseurs d'Ardennes Regiment delivered a rare "Bloody Nose" on this first day of action. It was not going to be the last scare the Desert Fox would get before this campaign was over! 

The initial situation: Belgium 10 May 1940 0600 hours

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Defeating A Nighttime Soviet Tank Attack (Part Two)

 This is a continuation of the AAR that i started here.

First i need to clarify something about "Hill 215".
Dont get a false impression, this is not really a hill. It's just a subtly bump !
I'm not defending against a uphill attacking enemy...the terrain in pretty much flat.

All attempts to get the unlucky Marder out of the trench are futile, meanwhile the other two Marders have reached the flanking position south-east of Hill 215.
Russian tanks are now less then one hundred meters away from my trenches, they still move in road column formation. I order all my 3.7cm PaK 35/36 to fire at will...

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Panzer Battles 2 - Official Teaser

Strela just posted the first "official" teaser about the upcoming "Panzer Battles 2".
 I thought it time to start an official 'Teaser Thread'. A fair bit has been put out to there already, but we will release more info sporadically.
There is still a lot to do. We are fully done on the OB, the scenarios are a fair way along and a lot of testing has been done to date.
We are also progressing the documentation and I'm including some 'partial' examples of pages from that and other snippets below.
Don't expect new info every day as we still have a truckload of work to do still, but consider this the go to place for info and discussion.